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Do you think about the costs of printing and mailing your customer communications? In the telecom industry, you likely send out promotional and statement mailings separately. That could be driving up your costs. By combining telecom promotional and statement content into one, you’ll reduce your expenses and reap other benefits. Here’s how to do it.

Dynamic Messaging Enables Different Messaging to Different Customers

One of the main reasons you might be keeping promotional and statement content apart is because you can’t control the content on individual pieces. Promotions to your customer base should be relevant and personalized. If you can’t dynamically print, it’s hard to accomplish this.

However, it’s possible when you adopt the White Paper Factory (WPF) method. This is how the approach works.

  • It eliminates the need to preprint templates, forms, or envelopes.
  • The data within each file prints directly on the paper so that each communication is specific to that customer.
  • The process allows for full-color printing.
  • Insertions are no longer necessary because the promotional message is on the statement.

Additionally, with advanced technology, you can be confident in the accuracy of each letter going into the correct envelope.

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From Two to One: Costs Go Down

reduce print and mail costsIt’s a no-brainer when you consider that printing and mailing multiple communications to the same customer costs more. You’ll use more paper, which is currently seeing a sharp rise in pricing, and ink. It also requires more labor and postage fees. If you can go from two to one with telecom statement and promotional content, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in costs immediately.

You’ll also reap even more savings when you outsource to a transactional printer that has the capabilities to produce your mailings with a high level of accuracy and quality. A transactional-focused printer, like PCI Group, uses the best in equipment, technology, and processes to deliver impactful and compliant telecom customer communications.

Our costs remain competitive because we can bulk purchase paper and ink, receive more postage discounts due to volume, and use less labor. Whether you’re running an in-plant or working with multiple vendors for print and mail, you can reduce costs while improving the quality.

Other Reasons to Merge Telecom Promotional and Statement Content

Besides the cost savings, you can realize these benefits from combining communications.

Target different users with different messaging depending on how you segment.

For example, you may provide multiple services, but a customer only subscribes to one. You can promote the other services to those customers with a special message. You can cross-sell and upsell in a personalized way.

Promotional content on statements has a better chance of connecting with customers.

Separate promotional pieces like inserts end up in the recycling bin. Statements, however, receive more attention because customers must act on the billing portion. As a result, you can have better engagement. Customers open invoices and statements 95% of the time—much more than any other direct mail.

The impact is also measurable. You can tie the offer to a specific email address or phone number or use a QR code that takes users to a unique landing page. By doing this, you can count the number of conversions from the campaign.

Statement and promotional content design can be modern and easy to read.

If you haven’t redesigned your statements in a while, they might appear dated or hard to understand for customers. With WPF and dynamic printing, you can elevate the look of your mailings. You’ll be able to use full color, include features like graphs, divide the statement with lines and boxes, and more. There are no limitations to design!

Statements + Promotions: A Winning Combination for Telecom

You can save a substantial amount when you combine statements and promotions. In addition, you can actually create revenue opportunities with the ability to customize messaging. That provides you with wins on all fronts. If you’d like to learn more about how to make this happen, contact the telecom experts at PCI Group today.