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As your mortgage business grows, it’s great news for your business. However, more borrowers mean you’ll need to produce more mortgage statements and provide them to your customers. If you handle the printing and mailing of this in-house, you likely know it’s fraught with challenges. Costs are rising, and managing the jobs is complex. There are also compliance, accuracy, and quality considerations. Additionally, you may have current limitations around the statement’s design and content.

If you’ve determined that keeping your in-plant isn’t feasible or that you have outgrown your current supplier, mortgage document management outsourcing statements to a specialist is a smart choice. Let’s find out why.

What Mortgage Finance Documents Can You Outsource?

Mortgage statements are the bulk of the financial documents you’ll be able to outsource. These monthly documents outline all the current information for the borrower. In addition to these, you may also need to send escrow documents, disclosure notices, compliance updates, HELOC statements, and more.

You can outsource any of these essential communications with a transactional print and mail company. These organizations focus only on producing statements that have regulatory and compliance requirements. As a result, they use advanced equipment, technology, rigid processes, and more protocols to deliver your communications compliantly and cost-effectively.

How Does Mortgage Document Management Outsourcing Reduce Costs?

One of the biggest drivers for mortgage document management outsourcing is the expense. Print and mail aren’t your core competency, so you’re unlikely to benefit from economies of scale. You also have capital and operational expenses hitting this budget. Equipment and technology are always going to need upgrades and investment.

Material costs are another category that’s trending up, especially paper. Other items on the expense list are labor, costs to keep the operation running (e.g., energy, water, rent), and physical security. On top of all this, postage costs can be pricey when you don’t have presort and bulk discounts.

When you decide on mortgage document management outsourcing, all these costs disappear. Instead, you pay an operational fee each month for all services. Transactional print and companies can benefit from economies of scale and are postal experts that can obtain the deepest discounts.

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If you are looking to streamline your print and mailing operations, partner with PCI Group to save! Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current setup and cost of ownership, then present you with options to help optimize efficiency and reduce your current expenses.

How Does Outsourcing Simplify Management?

streamline mortgage document productionKeeping up with the communications your customers need to receive and the rules around it is a full-time job. Except it might not be someone’s primary one. You may have different people contributing to various aspects. Streamlining it would be ideal but hard to achieve.

Managing your printing and mailing with an audit trail and tracking pieces through delivery can be overwhelming. To optimize it, you need automation, repeatable processes, and transparency. Those may be challenging to achieve internally, but aren’t when you outsource.

You deliver the digital files ready for print securely, and then your provider begins production. At this point, you still have visibility across the job. For example, with trakPCI, you can follow all jobs through a business document management portal. With its dashboard, you can monitor, schedule and control production. You can also track communications through the mail stream to delivery. More features include the ability to:

  • View account information.
  • Get real-time status updates.
  • Request letter changes
  • Access your archives.
  • Run customized reports.
  • Review accounting data.

How Does Mortgage Document Management Outsourcing Ensure Compliance, Accuracy, and Quality?

Can you really improve compliance, accuracy, and quality by outsourcing? Yes, when you partner with the right experts. Compliance regarding mortgage statements is the first and foremost consideration. A transactional print and mail company focuses all its efforts on compliance-related documents. Every part of their workflow involves compliance considerations.

Delivering data is fast, using the most secure transmission protocols. Many other cybersecurity best practices are in place, including encryption, multi-tiered architecture, and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

Accuracy is another non-negotiable. You want confidence that each statement goes into the correct envelope. The best way to do this is with intelligent insertion technology and scanning 2D barcodes with mini cameras. When using this approach, accuracy improves.

The quality of your mortgage statements won’t diminish either. In fact, the quality could increase with sophisticated technology. For example, you can use full color and many design details to improve the readability of the documents. Another plus is the ability to print custom messaging on each statement. You can upsell or cross-sell customers with other banking products. There may also be important information you can add here, eliminating the need for inserts.

Mortgage Document Management Outsourcing with PCI Group: A Provider You Can Bank On

You have an opportunity to reduce costs while improving compliance, accuracy, and quality when you work with us. We are financial document print and mail experts ready to support your customer communications. You can expect turnkey service that delivers on your expectations and more. From our 99.9999% accuracy rating to our Lean Manufacturing processes to our innovative technology, we’re the partner you can bank on.

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