Ask The Experts Video Series – Print and Mail Technology

Importance of Transparency and trakPCI Reporting.

Is transparency part of your print and mail operations? Does your vendor provide a means to track the entire process from data transfer to delivery? If not, you could be missing out on opportunities and more. trackPCI reporting allows for this, and PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris [...]

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What Technology Investments has PCI Group made to improve its ability to meet customer SLAs?

Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discusses how PCI Group's technology investments have improved its abilities to improve SLA performance for customers. Meeting customer SLAs (service level agreements) is an objective of every business. In the transactional direct mail world SLAs are integral to [...]

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What technological advances are having the most impact in the transactional print world?

The transactional print world requires extra handling because it includes highly compliant, secure, and personal information. However, that doesn’t mean that these mailings have to be without good design or impactful messaging. To go from simple black and white to something more requires the right technology. That’s something [...]

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What are the new expectations from customers with advancements in technology?

In the transactional mail industry, hitting SLAs (service level agreements) isn’t negotiable. In addition, companies that use print and mail vendors have strict deadlines that aren’t movable. New technology makes these customer expectations more feasible and helps address bottlenecks in the system.  Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations of [...]

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PCI Group’s adoption of Inkjet Technology

Inkjet technology changed the game for transaction mail. This precision type of professional printing propels tiny droplets of ink onto paper at a high speed. It also enables the ability to print full color without the need to pre-print shells. Now, it’s cost-effective to deliver higher quality pieces.  [...]

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What technology is required to handle high volume in transactional direct mail?

For organizations that produce high volume transactional direct mail, the requirements to meet SLAs (service level agreements) and maintain quality and compliance require technology. However, not just any equipment enables seamless processes for these types of runs. Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations of PCI group, explained the technology [...]

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What is the new standard for access to information about customer communications?

Being able to have complete visibility for customer communications offers companies many benefits. The access to tracking print and mail communications shouldn’t be complicated or cumbersome. Yet, most transactional print providers don’t provide this capability. PCI Group does, and Anthony Faldetta, VP of Business Development Northeast, discussed how [...]

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What is the importance of High Speed Color Inkjet Production Presses?

Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group discusses why high speed color ink jet production is so important to personalize communications. In transactional print and mail, having the right equipment to ensure speed, quality, and accuracy is critical. PCI Group’s adoption of high-speed color inkjet production presses enables all [...]

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