Utilizing trakPCI Dashboard, you can track, schedule and control all of your production jobs giving you full transparency and control.

Is transparency part of your print and mail operations? Does your vendor provide a means to track the entire process from data transfer to delivery? If not, you could be missing out on opportunities and more. trackPCI reporting allows for this, and PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac, Jr., explains this process in this Ask the Experts episode.

“We log everything that goes on. We know what happened from the second the record hits our servers to the envelope to tracing it through the mail stream until it reaches the mailbox,” Chris described.

How is that possible? With our advanced, proprietary technology, trakPCI. It presents a dashboard to clients in a web-based tracking system. Customers can track every aspect of their print and mail communications. They can see control of all production jobs as well, ensuring a high level of transparency.

What can you gain with trakPCI? Beyond transparency and visibility, there are many advantages of trakPCI reporting. Users have access to real-time status reports and can also request letter changes or add new letters. Customers can also monitor all these requests. All letter changes are viewable with an archived history. Platform users can also look at accounting data, including postage costs and more.

This robust solution for tracking print and mail is an essential tool for companies that outsource production. They don’t have to give up control. Instead, they have meaningful data that helps them make the best decisions about mission-critical customer communications.