Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group discusses why high speed color ink jet production is so important to personalize communications.

The white paper factory process eliminates preprinted forms and envelopes, streamlines the print and mail processes, and lowers operational and postage costs while adding greater value to each mailpiece

In transactional print and mail, having the right equipment to ensure speed, quality, and accuracy is critical. PCI Group’s adoption of high-speed color inkjet production presses enables all three of these things. President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac discusses their importance to the company’s operations on this episode of Ask the Experts.

“In the past, color meant high cost,” Chris said. As a result, most companies never went that route. The inkjet world made it no longer cost-prohibitive to do this. “The technology advantages and the speed of printing faster and better reduce the costs.”

Businesses have lots of options with color in a dynamic print environment. “They can have color just on the first page for that ‘pop,’ and then do black ink on the other pages,” Chris described. 

Such designs weren’t possible before without the requirement and expense of preprinting stock. “Now they print on the fly. You can have color banners then black ink. Whatever format customers want is possible,” Chris added. 

High-speed color inkjet production presses have dramatically evolved the transactional mail options. With cost no longer a barrier to this, companies can take advantage of the impact of color in their customer communications.