Businesses can store data in two main ways—on the cloud or on-premise. There are various differences between cloud-based storage vs. premise-based storage. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group’s Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe explained how each works and why the company uses the storage option that it does.

Dwight said, “There’s a lot of conversation around cloud-based storage versus premise-based storage. We continue to utilize premise-based storage for our clients’ data. We are evaluating this on an ongoing basis and looking at major cloud providers and what services they offer that would fit in with our operations for the future.”

The simple explanation of how each storage model works is that data lives in the cloud, hosted by servers outside of an organization. Premise-based storage describes the scenario where servers are on-site. There are pros and cons to each option. Both are secure ways to store the confidential and private information of those receiving transactional mail.

Dwight noted that the organization is “comfortable with in-house rather than in the cloud.” As needs and technology change, the company will re-evaluate the options continuously. Learn more about the topic by watching the episode.

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