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Transactional  Direct Print and Mail

As an exclusive transactional direct print and mail provider, PCI Group experts discuss the benefits this singular focus provides customers and the opportunity high speed color ink-jet provides customer to cross-sell and upsell their products and services.

Why is it important for a transactional mailer to be singularly focused?

PCI Group is asking the hard questions about the world of mission-critical printing and mailing. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac answered, “Why is it important for a transactional mailer to be singularly focused?” The answer comes down to security and compliance. While all mailings require some level of it, transactional mail places security and compliance at the top of the pyramid. A transactional mailer [...]

What is Transpromotional Direct Mail?

Communicating with customers occurs in many channels with many tactics. Transpromotional direct mail allows businesses one more cost-effective opportunity to do so. A transpromotional approach consists of using dynamic printing on invoices to upsell or cross-sell to a customer. Scott Concannon, VP of Business Development, shared some insights on transpromotional direct mail. “About 15 percent of our clients use it. With the adoption of color and the ability to flip images, companies are [...]

What is Transpromotional Mail?

Ask the Experts answers the question, “What is transpromotional mail?” with commentary from Chris Kropac, Jr., President and Co-Owner of PCI Group. Transpromotional mail is using space on an invoice to sell or communicate with customers. Chris explained, “Before an invoice was just an invoice, a way to get paid. The advantage of full-color inkjet changes that.” With dynamic printing, marketing’s desire to upsell customers wasn’t possible on invoices in a convenient manner. [...]

How does PCI Group’s singular focus on transactional direct mail present an advantage over their competitors?

Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discusses how PCI'S singular focus on transactional mail is an advantage for customers. In the transactional direct mail world, there’s no room for error. For printers that produce both transactional direct mail and direct mail that’s promotional often come up short. Companies should seek out a provider with a transactional direct mail focus. So, why does this matter?  PCI Group’s Executive [...]

What is the effectiveness of color vs black and white printing?

Scott Concannon, VP, Business Development for PCI Group, discusses the value of using color to increase customer engagement. Will printing transactional direct mail in color make a difference? It’s just transactional mail, so why add the cost? The effectiveness of color vs. black and white printing is a current trend in the industry. PCI Group’s VP of Business Development Scott Concannon answers the question in this episode of Ask the Experts. “Our [...]

What are the best practices for letter design?

Scott Concannon, VP, Business Development for PCI Group, discusses best practice for letter design. How a mission-critical communication looks matters for many reasons. Without a clear design, it could confuse your customer. If it’s low-quality, then customers may have a negative response to your brand. So, what are the best practices for letter design? Answering the question on this episode of Ask the Experts is Scott Concannon, VP of Business Development for [...]

What is Direct Transactional Mail?

Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group, discusses the difference between direct transactional mail and marketing mail. The field of direct mail has several subsets, some of which are highly specialized. Direct Transactional mail fits that category. But what is transactional mail? To answer that question, this episode of Ask the Experts features a comprehensive response from Chris Kropac, President and Co-Owner of PCI Group.  “Transactional mail focuses on highly compliant, secure, [...]