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PCI Group’s White Paper Factory

PCI Group experts describe what a white paper print and mail factory is and why it is it important in providing highly accurate and compliant transactional direct mail.

How has White Paper Factory made your operation more versatile?

Ask the Experts takes on the topic of White Paper Factory versatility with thoughts from PCI Group’s Vice President of Operations, Perry Fernandes. White paper factories revolutionized the world of print and mail, and it’s a process that PCI Groups embraces.  “You start with a white sheet of paper, and it goes hand in glove with high-speed inkjet printing,” Perry said.  It enables true variable printing. You can add in color, images, different fonts, and formatting [...]

What equipment does PCI Group use for White Paper Factory?

On this Ask the Experts episode, go inside the details of a White Paper Factory. Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner discusses White Paper Factory equipment needs and how PCI Group uses those machines and technology to make it happen. “We use web presses, and Canon Colorstream 3900s and Canon Colorstream 6900s. For black and white, they print 150 meters a minute. For four-color, they print 127 meters per minute. About every hour and 20 minutes, that’s 188,000 [...]

What is required or involved in having a White Paper Factory?

Ask the Experts offers a comprehensive review of white paper factory requirements and why it can provide advantages to transactional mail printers. PCI Group’s Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner shares his knowledge on white paper factory setups, discussing the benefits of dynamic applications for print jobs. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot that goes on for a white paper factory. “It’s a lot of technology and investment—printers, scanners, 3D barcoding, programming,” Eric said. What really makes a [...]

What is a White Paper Factory?

A white paper factory is a new approach to printing transactional mail. It’s proven to be a solution that improves efficiency and accuracy while also reducing printing costs. But what is a white paper factory? Get the answer to this question from white paper factory expert Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager at PCI Group. A white factory factor eliminates the need for pre-printing and more. “With a white paper factory, you’re not dealing with shell stock or pre-perf rolls, or glue [...]

How did PCI Group’s relationship with Canon come to be?

When considering equipment for printing transactional mail, there are lots of options. Most of these are reputable companies with years of experience in digital inkjet printing. With a high demand for printing and the need to use technology that’s reliable and also produces quality pieces, PCI Group’s Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner talked about their journey to find the right equipment partner. That journey ended up being the relationship between PCI Group and Canon.  “We spent a [...]

What is a White Paper Factory and how is it revolutionizing personalized customer communications?

Christian Kropac, President & Co-Owner of PCI Group, describes what a White Paper Factory is and its benefits. One of the most important investments a trasactional print and mail providers can make is to commit to a white paper factory operating environment. It’s revolutionizing personalized customer communications. So, what is a white paper factory? PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac explained the process in this episode of Ask the Experts.  “With the white paper factory, you can [...]