Christian Kropac, President & Co-Owner of PCI Group, describes what a White Paper Factory is and its benefits.

One of the most important investments a trasactional print and mail providers can make is to commit to a white paper factory operating environment. It’s revolutionizing personalized customer communications. So, what is a white paper factory? PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac explained the process in this episode of Ask the Experts

“With the white paper factory, you can customize any communication. Our full-color inkjets printers print about 500 feet per minute, and all the information is in the PDF is printed onto that roll of paper,” Chris described.

The approach is much different from the past, where preprinting forms and backers were necessary. There was also no way to vary color or customize. “Now it’s possible in one mailing. Whereas, in the past, it would have been separate,” Chris said. As a result, there are postage savings.

Chris also noted that according to studies, when relevant communications are in mailings, millennials are much more likely to respond. “Everything can be full color and customized,” he added. 

The variability offers organizations a world of options in how they message to specific customers, therefore making it more relevant. 

The white paper factor also supports security and integrity. “White paper goes in, we print what’s on the PDF, and then it goes back to the roll to be the inserter. Every piece of paper has a barcode to validate it’s in the right envelope,” Chris shared.

Download The White Paper Factory Process Infographic

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