A white paper factory is a new approach to printing transactional mail. It’s proven to be a solution that improves efficiency and accuracy while also reducing printing costs. But what is a white paper factory? Get the answer to this question from white paper factory expert Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager at PCI Group.

A white factory factor eliminates the need for pre-printing and more. “With a white paper factory, you’re not dealing with shell stock or pre-perf rolls, or glue rolls. It’s plain white paper directly from the paper mills,” Eric shared. 

This shift to enabling variable and dynamic printing is much more cost-efficient. There’s no storage of shell stock and re-printing on those shells, which includes labor costs and eats away at time, so it’s very inefficient. 

PCI Group’s white paper factory offers dynamic printing and more on-demand cost-effectively. The advanced technology used allows for variable printing in black but also four-color. “We can print backgrounds and any four-color look for letters, billing, postcards, and anything that’s transactional,” Eric shared. 

For printers still running shell stock, they just can’t compete with a white paper factory’s speed and quality. That’s why PCI Group adopted the concept years ago. 

Their ability to do four-color and backgrounds is rare in the industry. While the color matching isn’t as precise as a PMS match, it can get pretty close and also be consistent. Most can only do variable in black. “In a day, we print 10 to 14 million images, which equates to about 70 million sheets a day front and back,” Eric added.

Download The White Paper Factory Process Infographic

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