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Print and Mail Data Security

It’s a dangerous world when it comes to protecting customer data.  It seems like every week we hear of another company being compromised.  Learn about the data security measures PCI Group recommends to protect customer data.

Why does PCI Group employ a VP of Compliance?

Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group discusses why it's necessary to have a VP of Compliance to PCI Group's business. As a transactional-focused print and mail provider, PCI Group delivers solutions to industries that must adhere to many regulations. Compliance with these is critical to ensure that our customers don’t incur fines or other ramifications from regulatory governing bodies. Since these laws impact almost every customer, [...]

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What measures do transactional mailers take to protect client data?

Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group discusses all of the components necessary to protect client data during the transactional mail process. Transactional mailers have an obligation to protect client data. There are regulations to follow regarding sensitive and private information in transactional mail. PCI Group clients rely on us to have advanced technology and cybersecurity protocols in place for secure data exchange. Find out how we [...]

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What are best practices for clients to protect their consumer personal information associated with transactional mail?

Serena Robinson, Information Security and Compliance Officer for PCI Group, discusses the best way for customers to protect their data. The clients we work with at PCI Group all have to follow rules and regulations regarding the protection of consumer personal information. Since it’s critical to them, it’s critical to us. Data security requires a strategic commitment to safeguarding all files as they enter [...]

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