Ask The Experts – Service Level Agreement2023-02-13T09:03:33-05:00

Print and Mail Customer Service

PCI Group discusses customer’s expectations and how it has impacted the service level agreements (SLAs) it has with customers.

How has technology changed to meet 24 hr Same Day SLA?

The world of print and mail was once a slow process. A one-day turnaround wasn’t feasible or expected. In this fast-paced digital environment, technology is making 24-hour same-day SLAs (service level agreements) possible. Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager for PCI Group, shared his experience after 40 years in the business and how advanced technology enables 24-hour production [...]

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How do you manage the volume of work along with SLA deadlines?

Transactional direct mail requires high-volume work. For some, more work means they can’t meet SLAs (service level agreements). However, that’s not the case for PCI Group, as we use LEAN manufacturing standards. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager, discussed LEAN and how the company keeps waste to a minimum and hits [...]

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