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The world of print and mail was once a slow process. A one-day turnaround wasn’t feasible or expected. In this fast-paced digital environment, technology is making 24-hour same-day SLAs (service level agreements) possible. Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager for PCI Group, shared his experience after 40 years in the business and how advanced technology enables 24-hour production cycles in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“I remember  film, dark rooms, and negatives. We didn’t do anything in 24 hours. Three to four days maybe, but we also had to have client approvals,” Eric said.

Now, in the digital transaction landscape, those workflows are in the past. “Color is color. Once you have the stock where you want it with scales, tones, and highlights, you’re locked in. the color doesn’t move. It’s really impressive, and the color is beautiful,” Eric explained.

The expertise is now in the machine, whereas there was a heavy reliance on a good press person to turn the keys in offset printing. Then the client had to come and review. Digitizing the process makes everything faster, and clients have new expectations. 

By investing in inkjet technology, we produce consistent, high-quality communications for clients so we can meet strict deadlines and ensure the best outcomes.