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Transactional direct mail requires high-volume work. For some, more work means they can’t meet SLAs (service level agreements). However, that’s not the case for PCI Group, as we use LEAN manufacturing standards. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Eric Weinbrenner, Print Manager, discussed LEAN and how the company keeps waste to a minimum and hits its SLAs.

LEAN manufacturing is a methodology that focuses on producing minimal waste during systems while also maximizing productivity. Eric said, “We use LEAN manufacturing, but it’s only as good as being consistent and keeping up. We have so many people trained in LEAN and have standard procedures that keep us accurate and our waste to a minimum.”

One of the most critical areas of LEAN and hitting SLAs is reducing waste. Eric noted that PCI Group has less than 2% waste. The company would be able to do this without LEAN.

What makes our procedures unique, Eric explained, is that our employees write them. “We turned the pyramid upside down. I’m not going to tell a pressman how to do his job. Managing from the top down doesn’t work.”

Since it comes from employees, they believe in the procedures, but we also acknowledge that it’s a living, breathing one. “What works today might have an error down the line. So we do a root cause analysis, find the problem, and modify the procedure. We’re always trying to get better every day and fine-tune and perfect what we do.”

By leveraging LEAN and empowering employees, we deliver on SLAs and ensure quality and accuracy with every piece of mail we print.