Customer communications have evolved, and companies and consumers have adopted digital channels. These efforts fall into business digital transformation initiatives, which help companies modernize and use technology more effectively. Pursuing digital transformation is an excellent complement to outsourcing transactional communications. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group President and Owner Chris Kropac shared how the two work together.

“You can now tailor your messages going to your client to exactly what they want to receive. Many times, we help our clients transform more hard copy mail to electronic messaging through transformational marketing to highlight electronic delivery. What we really want is to save money and give clients what they want,” Chris explained.

Another key reason why these two areas have synergy is that outsourcing transactional communications eliminates the workload from your people and the costs from your budget. In turn, your people can focus on your core competencies and achieve more digital transformation milestones.

The dynamic nature of messaging for both digital channels and printed transactional mail can deliver personalized offers. Dynamic printing allows for each customer’s communication to include offers or information relevant to them. As a result, you may see greater engagement and revenue. Get more insights by watching the video.

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