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PCI Group’s Ask The Experts Video Blogs

As thought leaders in transactional direct mail, PCI Group’s management team is frequently asked to share their expertise in industry focus groups and panel discussions.  These discussions led us to produce the “Ask the Experts” series of videos to share PCI’s expertise with a wider audience.  The following videos, on a wide range of relevant topics, provide listeners with key insights regarding the technology and processes PCI deploys to deliver the most secure, compliant and accurate transactional direct mail in the industry.

What paper market trends do you anticipate for 2023 and beyond?

The paper market has been unpredictable for the past few years. It began during 2020 as a consequence of lockdowns and changing needs in paper products. While the pandemic is over, the industry [...]

What are the best practices for In-Plant operations transitioning work to PCI Group?

Transitioning from in-plant operations to outsourcing for print and mail can be challenging if the provider has little experience. PCI Group has successfully facilitated many of these projects through careful planning and development [...]

What are the challenges of transitioning In-Plant operations to an outsource provider?

Many companies in various industries still run in-plant operations related to their transactional print and mail. As a result, they have capital and operating expenses associated with production. Rising material, labor, and technology [...]

What are the benefits of working with a managed print service provider?

Managing a company’s printing requires a lot of resources and expenses. Using an in-plant to print and mail customer communications can be daunting, and many have transitioned and partnered with a managed print [...]

What does “easy to do business with” mean when customers consider outsourcing print and mail?

Lots of companies say they are easy to do business with, as it translates to an organization being a great partner. But what does it mean in outsourcing transactional print and mail? PCI [...]

How have rising paper costs impacted in-plant budgets?

Paper costs have increased since 2020 due to the pandemic and supply chain issues. Leading paper suppliers are now producing less paper, and increased pricing remains a challenge for those companies that don’t [...]