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PCI Group’s Ask The Experts Video Blogs

As thought leaders in transactional direct mail, PCI Group’s management team is frequently asked to share their expertise in industry focus groups and panel discussions.  These discussions led us to produce the “Ask the Experts” series of videos to share PCI’s expertise with a wider audience.  The following videos, on a wide range of relevant topics, provide listeners with key insights regarding the technology and processes PCI deploys to deliver the most secure, compliant and accurate transactional direct mail in the industry.

How does PCI Group’s singular focus on transactional direct mail present an advantage?

When companies choose to outsource their communications, they have many vendors available. In the world of transactional direct mail, organizations should pursue relationships with those with a singular focus on this type of [...]

How does outsourcing transactional communications reduce risk?

There is an inherent risk for any company that produces transactional communications, as these documents contain personal information. As a result, the production of these mailings must be accurate and in compliance with [...]

Why should customers outsource their check printing to PCI Group?

When businesses decide to outsource check printing, they have many options. However, not every check printer has the same procedures and processes in place to do it accurately and securely. In this episode [...]

Why should businesses consider outsourcing their check printing?

Companies that print checks have a lot of expenses involved in their production. They also have many security obligations. As a result of these requirements, many choose to outsource check printing. So, what [...]

What’s the difference between HIPAA and HITRUST certification?

In healthcare transactional print and mail, the processes to produce them must align with compliance regulations. While most organizations have HIPAA certification, not all also have HITRUST. So, what are the differences between [...]

What type of infrastructure is required for transactional direct mail?

When producing transactional direct mail, operators need technology and equipment to ensure accuracy, quality, and compliance. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe discussed the infrastructure [...]