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PCI Group’s Ask The Experts Video Blogs

As thought leaders in transactional direct mail, PCI Group’s management team is frequently asked to share their expertise in industry focus groups and panel discussions.  These discussions led us to produce the “Ask the Experts” series of videos to share PCI’s expertise with a wider audience.  The following videos, on a wide range of relevant topics, provide listeners with key insights regarding the technology and processes PCI deploys to deliver the most secure, compliant and accurate transactional direct mail in the industry.

What Technology Investments has PCI Group made to improve its ability to meet customer SLAs?

Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discusses how PCI Group's technology investments have improved its abilities to improve SLA performance for customers. Meeting customer SLAs [...]

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What technological advances are having the most impact in the transactional print world?

The transactional print world requires extra handling because it includes highly compliant, secure, and personal information. However, that doesn’t mean that these mailings have to be without good design [...]

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What are the new expectations from customers with advancements in technology?

In the transactional mail industry, hitting SLAs (service level agreements) isn’t negotiable. In addition, companies that use print and mail vendors have strict deadlines that aren’t movable. New technology [...]

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