In ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) transactional print and mail, every component has a compliance implication. One of the most crucial is letter design for collection communications, as there are many regulations about what the document must contain. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Area VP Solutions Partner Anthony Faldetta explained what those compliance mandates are.

“Letter design is important for compliance reasons because there are many different regulations and rules to follow, including Regulation F, and they need to be accounted for. Using a letter vendor that is familiar with these processes can assist you in making sure that you’re designing your letter,” Anthony said.

The ARM industry must consider the design of collection letters in the process, and they can make this easy and less burdensome when they outsource to a trusted, compliant provider.

When working with a company offering compliant letter design services and expertise, businesses get another layer of protection to ensure their documents meet all the requirements. 

Additionally, organizations can feel confident with this type of provider because they are always up to date on any changes to rules. Changing the design of a letter is also a streamlined process, so it’s easy to make adjustments quickly. Learn more about letter design compliance by watching the video.

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