In Lean Manufacturing, standard works are a crucial component to ensuring repeatable quality. Every process has a series of steps, and standard works are the documentation of tasks in the correct sequence. This standardization ensures that deviation and errors occur less frequently.

So, how do standard works contribute to quality? Tim Lackey, Director of Operations, shared his expertise in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“The purpose of standard works is really to make sure everyone is doing the same task the same way,” Tim explained.

Standard works are essential in transactional print and mail, as errors can cause considerable consequences, including compliance violations. Thus, it was critical that we implemented Lean Manufacturing and applied standard works to every part of the production process.

“Without standard works, we’d have everybody doing it their own way or the way they feel is best. The reality is we need consistency across operators, machines, and ships. We have to do it the same way. That’s the only way we’ll have a basis to make improvements,” Tim added.

Through the continued use of standard works, we can make those adjustments over time to make the process even better. As a result, our quality and accuracy stay high.

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