Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations, discusses the importance of investing in technology to improve accuracy in transactional direct mail.

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Accuracy in transactional print and mail doesn’t happen by luck. It requires a deep commitment to this at every level. An organization needs the right technology in place as well as processes and approach. Investing in technology for accuracy is crucial. PCI Group VP of Operations Perry Fernandes explained why in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“We’re in the personal information business. We represent some of the largest corporations in America. When it’s healthcare or finances, we have to get it right,” Perry said.

Ensuring accuracy in mailings is a compliance issue. Beyond that, it’s a reputational one, too. “If a consumer gets a statement from their healthcare company with someone else’s information, what does that say about the healthcare company?” 

Such an incident can erode trust and have many consequences. “We understand how important trust is for our customers with their customers. We’re representing them, and it has to be right,” Perry added.

How PCI Group gets it right is by leveraging technology and process. From the advanced equipment we use to the software to the protocols for data privacy, our eye is always on accuracy. That’s why we have an industry-leading 99.9999% accuracy rating.