Utilizing trakPCI Dashboard, you can track, schedule and control all of your production jobs giving you full transparency and control.

Being able to have complete visibility for customer communications offers companies many benefits. The access to tracking print and mail communications shouldn’t be complicated or cumbersome. Yet, most transactional print providers don’t provide this capability. PCI Group does, and Anthony Faldetta, VP of Business Development Northeast, discussed how we do it for our clients in this episode of Ask the Experts

“If you don’t have a portal into your level environment, you have to call a customer service rep and ask and wait for answers. It could take hours,” Anthony said.

Access to this information shouldn’t require such manual processes. With trackPCI, our clients have data at their fingertips. It’s a secure, web-based platform that allows for monitoring of every aspect of the process. “You can log in at will 24/7, review it, download it, and create reports with the data to send upstream to executives,” Anthony explained. 

The technology offers task by task visibility from file injection to processing to printing to inserting to mailing and tracking the letter. It’s a real-time status update, and you can also see the archived history of letters. It captures the entire journey of every letter. This unique offering empowers our clients with data that they can use to refine the process and verify customer communications delivery.