The white paper factory process eliminates preprinted forms and envelopes, streamlines the print and mail processes, and lowers operational and postage costs while adding greater value to each mailpiece

For organizations that produce high volume transactional direct mail, the requirements to meet SLAs (service level agreements) and maintain quality and compliance require technology. However, not just any equipment enables seamless processes for these types of runs. Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations of PCI group, explained the technology needed to handle high volume transactional print in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“We use the high-speed, intelligent Epic inserter. It’s versatile, user-friendly, and designed to have the best operators do the setup and adjustments. It’s not traditional insert technology,” Perry said. 

Along with the inserter technology, we also adopted inkjet technology, using Canon printers. “We have the fastest, high-speed equipment, including the color stream printing presses that do about 500 feet per minute. The quality is great. Inkjet has come a long way in the past few years,” Perry noted. 

With these powerful technologies, we’re able to use the white paper factory process. It eliminates the need for pre-printing and lowers operational costs. White paper goes in, digitally composed files hit production, and the inserter accurately and verifiably moves the right letter into the right envelope. 

Our clients appreciate the ease of the process and the quality while also having assurances around security and compliance