In transactional print and mail, accuracy is the most critical component of production. Ensuring every letter inserts into the correct envelope ensures compliance and prevents mis-mailings. To be accurate, you need a robust process, and PCI Group has strengthened its workflows with Lean Manufacturing.

In this episode of Ask the Experts, Tim Lackey, Director of Operations, discusses how Lean impacts quality.

Lean Manufacturing is a systematic method for removing waste within a system. It involves rigorous controls around productivity and quality. It streamlines processes so they are repeatable and consistent, eliminating most errors. Lean also has the component of continuous improvement, which is critical to identifying bottlenecks and addressing them.

“The whole purpose of having a Lean factory is to make sure that people are using the tools in place like standard works to break down the processes into small bits that are easy to follow. We get consistency, and through consistency, we get accuracy,” Tim explained.

Since implementing Lean, operations have continued to be optimized, audited, and updated. This commitment provides great assurance to our customers. “Lean ultimately drives a higher level of quality, and their work is produced faster and more efficiently,” Tim added.

Using the Lean framework and technology, we’ve reached an accuracy rating of 99.9999%, which is industry-leading.

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