Scott Concannon, VP, Business Development for PCI Group, discusses the value of using color to increase customer engagement.

PCI Group’s Best In Class direct transactional mail services provides highly secure and compliant mail communications for business in ARM/Collections, Healthcare/Insurance, Financial, Utility and Telecom Industries.

Will printing transactional direct mail in color make a difference? It’s just transactional mail, so why add the cost? The effectiveness of color vs. black and white printing is a current trend in the industry. PCI Group’s VP of Business Development Scott Concannon answers the question in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“Our clients are seeing a 30 percent lift and ROI with color. About 70 percent of transactional mail is still black and white, but 30 percent have gone to color,” Scott said.

Why the shift? Scott explained that the cost of color has gone down dramatically while the quality continues to improve. “It’s a trend moving in the right direction,” Scott added. 

Scott also noted that color is necessary in some cases, such as the post office requiring it for transpromotional mail to receive the discount. 

But how can companies know if color vs. black and white printing is a good move? “At the very least, we recommend A/B testing over a period of time,” Scott noted.

By running tests, businesses can see if they are receiving results in terms of promotions or engagement with customers. “Our customers are telling us it moves the needle, and those that made the move are ecstatic about it,” Scott said. 

With advanced technology, including inkjet printers and a white paper factory model, we make color printing for direct transactional mail cost-effective and customizable.