Does accountability matter in transactional print and mail production? The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Having an accountability process enables PCI Group to improve operations in many ways. Tim Lackey, Director of Operations, answers the question about our daily accountability process.

“For accountability, we’re looking at metrics constantly to make sure that we’re meeting our numbers for production throughput and quality,” Tim described.

Having an accountability process is part of our culture. Tim noted, “We have daily huddle meetings where operators know what the goals are for the day. They know what machines they’re going to be working on for the day.”

Starting the day with clear expectations helps everything run smoother. Staff have the information they need to be successful. Tim said, “Everybody’s part of the process.”

Our accountability process centers around audits of standard works rather than quality inspections. “Instead of inspecting the quality, which you really can’t do because you can’t build quality into a product that’s already done. We’re constantly auditing the processes and standard works to make sure operators understand and follow them,” Tim explained.

Getting the process right ensures built-in quality and accuracy. It’s just one more way we’re setting the standard in the transactional print and mail industry.

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