Many of today’s successful companies are moving away from staffing non-core business functions and shifting their resources to take advantage of what they do best—focusing on their business.

Organizations that offer an in-plant or in-house print and mail operation often hit challenges that force them to consider outsourcing. If a company wants to make the switch, how hard is an implementation for an in-plant customer? On this episode of Ask the Experts, Scott Concannon, VP, Business Development for PCI Group, discussed implementation to an outsource partner.

“Everyone’s situation is different, but they all have the right steps. The right steps for us mean bringing in project managers and laying out detailed plans with benchmarks and customer expectations,” Scott explained.

Choosing to move to outsource for print and mail isn’t as tricky as you’d imagine. However, it’s typical for those transitioning to have apprehension and have critical things happening for them, prompting the need to change. 

“If we understand client requirements and what’s going on, including their process and how strong their internal IT team is, we can plan well with transitions happening easily. We can typically move a large business unit in three to five months with testing,” Scott said. 

With any implementation, there are many things to consider. Our approach is to start with planning, discuss critical items, and understanding needs. With these elements part of the transition strategy, we help clients realize new benefits via outsourcing, including greater accuracy, higher quality, and reduced costs.