The pandemic impacted the labor market of every industry, some more than others. Post-pandemic, there are still lingering effects, and those can be challenging for companies. In this episode of Ask the Experts, SVP Perry Fernandes addressed the impact of the pandemic on labor for transactional mail providers.

“The pandemic has impacted PCI as well as our industry in a profound way. We have been able to operate 365 days, 24 hours a day simply because of the critical nature of what we print and mail for our customers,” Perry said.

Transactional mail is time-sensitive, so operations must continue. Perry noted, “We’ve had some challenges but we have been able to work through those trying times to retain our employees with things like increased pay and stay bonuses. We’ve also made a big effort in recruiting, including hiring a full-time recruiter.”

PCI Group has worked to develop new employees by getting them trained and retaining them. Enhanced training includes programs like Six Sigma certification. In addition, the company has made compensation competitive and has many bonus programs for its staff to earn. This dedication to the workforce has allowed PCI Group to weather these volatile times and continue producing compliant, accurate, and high-quality services for clients.

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