Scott Concannon, VP, Business Development discusses mis-mailings

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Transactional mail has no room for error. With the right technology, processes, and approach, you can minimize the likelihood of a mis-mailing. However, many companies still face these high-risk situations. PCI Group Area VP/Solutions Partner Scott Concannon provides insight on what can happen if a mis-mailing occurs in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“We are an extension of a customer’s back office, behind the curtain,” Scott noted. That means that the protocols PCI Group takes to ensure accuracy must go above and beyond the minimum. One mis-mailing can seriously impact our customers. 

“If the information is wrong, and there’s a mix up or switch, certainly the consumer will be calling the company. There can be legal ramifications as well if it’s a breach,” Scott explained. The consequences of a mis-mailing can also cause non-compliance, which could lead to fines. 

Further, if the mis-mailings were widespread, it could cause reputational harm.

“It doesn’t end well. It could be a singular occurrence or the worst-case scenario,  a class action,” Scott said. 

At PCI Group, we hold a 99.9999% accuracy rating. Through using advanced technology and equipment, adopting Lean manufacturing, and using a whitepaper factory model, we’re able to ensure industry-leading accuracy for transactional print and mail.