Tim Lackey, Director of Business Process for PCI Group, discusses PCI Group’s Lean Manufacturing journey.

Excellent quality is not enough. Utilizing LEAN Manufacturing methodologies, consistent excellent quality is the standard we hold ourselves to at PCI Group.

Companies can adopt many manufacturing processes to drive efficiency, and Lean Manufacturing is one of the top choices. But what is Lean Manufacturing? PCI Group’s Director of Business Process and Improvement, Tim Lackey, provided the answer and how the company implemented Lean Manufacturing in this episode of Ask the Experts

Tim explained, “It’s simply a process of tools we use to identify and drive out waste. That’s physical waste but also wasted time, effort, and motion. Our employees find these and work to eliminate them.”

With less waste comes less wasted time, which allows the company to be more efficient and deliver higher quality products. PCI Group adopted over 200 standard processes to achieve Lean Manufacturing. 

The implementation of Lean Manufacturing for PCI Group began years ago with 5S. “There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place describes 5S. We have a group that drives 5S projects and makes each workstation the same,” Tim said. 

The setup of workstations is extremely important because there are multiple shifts and days where different people are coming into the facility. “We need tools and materials in the same place, so there’s no wasted time looking for things. Labeling and layout are consistent throughout,” Tim added. 

By adapting to 5S and following the principles of Lean Manufacturing, PCI Group can ensure quality and accuracy while also optimizing productivity.