In terms of open rates, customer engagement, relevance, and return on investment, transactional promotional mail is extremely effective in targeting customers in a highly personalize way.

Communicating with customers occurs in many channels with many tactics. Transpromotional direct mail allows businesses one more cost-effective opportunity to do so. A transpromotional approach consists of using dynamic printing on invoices to upsell or cross-sell to a customer.

Scott Concannon, VP of Business Development, shared some insights on transpromotional direct mail. “About 15 percent of our clients use it. With the adoption of color and the ability to flip images, companies are setting aside some real estate on the invoice to bring communication to a new level,” he said.

Scott noted that customers spend one to three minutes looking at an invoice. With the right message and presentation, they may linger longer to learn about programs and products. There are many benefits to leveraging this strategy. “One it’s cost-effective because there are fewer postage costs. Marketing departments also get excited about having an additional conversation with consumers.”

The way it works in printing is that the invoice design provides some space on the front. The customer directs PCI Group to use a certain image from their repository. “You can rotate images and refresh them every few months,” Scott added.

Since companies have complete data profiles on their customers, they can segment who gets what message based on this. This ensures the message is relevant to the customer, which could prompt them to inquire about it. Marketing departments make these decisions. The files from them that go to printing flag each particular item for that invoice.

Scott also noted that USPS often runs transpromotional programs, offering discounts on postage by a few cents. They do require the statements to be in color and rotate images, which is achievable with PCI Group technology.