PCI Group’s Best In Class direct transactional mail services provides highly secure and compliant mail communications for business in ARM/Collections, Healthcare/Insurance, Financial, Utility and Telecom Industries.

PCI Group is asking the hard questions about the world of mission-critical printing and mailing. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac answered, “Why is it important for a transactional mailer to be singularly focused?”

The answer comes down to security and compliance. While all mailings require some level of it, transactional mail places security and compliance at the top of the pyramid. A transactional mailer must have the processes in place to do this at scale To ensure consistency and integrity for these areas. That’s critical to being able to deliver high-quality and accurate transaction mail.

Those processes and equipment equate to big overhead. Chris said, “There are numerous layers of security to ensure that no one can penetrate it through the mail stream.”

What are those layers? Data comes from organizations through a secure portal, and it, at all times, is encrypted. Additionally, PCI Group prints a barcode on every sheet of paper for validation. “We validate that every envelope receives the right sheets,” Chris noted. 

Overall, this category of mailings is much more comprehensive than direct mailers. Companies can choose to use a one size fits all printer. However, they may not have the highest security and compliance level because they have their hands in many areas. 

While PCI Group has the ability to print and mail any kind of letters, we specialize in transactional mail. We have the certifications, experience, and expertise to ensure compliance and security for every piece of mail.