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Responsive customer service is a priority for any debt collection agency when dealing with partners that facilitate their processes. When emails, calls, and requests go un-returned, it’s not simply a breakdown of service; it could cost you considerable money and time. If you’re feeling undeserved and frustrated with your debut collection letter vendor, then maybe it’s time for a change.

Does Your Provider Prioritize Service?

Many vendors are attentive when they first bring you on board. They want to make a good first impression, but what happens as the relationship progresses? Many vendors start to take for granted their loyal customers, spending more time on attracting new ones, rather than building strong bonds. They turn their attention to chasing new revenue, leaving you without a partner.

How Do You Know Your Vendor Is Reliable?

When you’re evaluating possible partners for your business, it’s important to do your due diligence. Just because they say all the right things and make promises doesn’t mean they can fulfill them. You can find significant insight into a provider’s reputation by looking at:

  • Years in business
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Accredited business ranking reports
  • Industry accolades

Gathering this intelligence will complement your assessment of their operations and ability to serve your needs.

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What Makes a Good Partner?

Being a good partner is more than being friendly and helpful. Actions actually ring much louder than words, so this is the true measure of a good partner.

First, you need to know they are responsive to changes. In the debt collection industry, many things can precipitate the need for you to change your letter templates. Not being sensitive to these needs could have a serious impact on your ability to meet compliance requirements and ensure quality. At PCI, our standard service level agreement on new letter templates is 48 to 72 hours and 24 to 48 hours on modifications to existing letters. Are you getting this kind of service?

Next, you need to know that your partner will go above and beyond whenever there’s a problem. Having full transparency into the letter workflows is part of this. The other part is knowing you have a dedicated contact that will respond to your concern quickly and resolve it before it becomes a bigger issue. In your business, you can’t afford to wait around.

Third, the right provider treats you like a partner. They become an extension of your business, understanding that the solutions they provide are a reflection of your company. Those providers that do it well prioritize quality and consistency. They continue to hone and refine their processes to ensure that all your needs are accounted for with best in class services.

Finally, your ideal partner will always make your in compliance with all laws. Staying in compliance requires that your vendor stays up to date and makes all the necessary changes to ensure you are protected.

Anyone Can Be a Vendor; We Want to Be Your Partner

We put the customer first at PCI Group. It’s one of the key reasons we are celebrating our 50th year in business. We take pride in our strong reputation and are glad to be a partner with over 100 ARM industry customers. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

  • Consistent quality: Our team is trained on Lean/Six Sigma procedures that ensure continuous improvements and a staff of over 300 employees dedicated to quality.
  • Industry-leading accuracy: Our accuracy rate is 99.9999%,virtually eliminating errors, surpassing most vendors that only guarantee a 99.6% rating.
  • Dedicated and reliable support: When our customers need us, we respond. Being late to the game on meeting customer needs is not how we do business. You’re always our top priority.

As an example, after years of using several vendors to process their debt collection letters, Universal Fidelity President, Scott Hearn, was tired of poor customer service and responsiveness. He said, “At first the service from the previous vendors was good, but within the first year after implementation, we began to notice the service levels dropping.”

Scott made the switch to PCI in 2015, commenting, “PCI Group treats us like we are a new client even though we’ve been doing business with them for several years. The service started at a high level and has remained so.”

Make the Switch to PCI Group

At PCI Group, we’re customer-centric, outperforming our competitors in this and every other segment. We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers, building relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Experience the best in customer service with us. Get in touch to learn more about how we support the ARM industry.