COVID-19 is causing huge challenges for your print and mail in-plant business continuity. Explore ways to create a better and more accurate safety net with PCI Group.

Has COVID-19 Put a Wrench in Your Print and Mail In-Plant Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan?

Are your in-plant operations experiencing shutdowns or limited availability due to COVID-19? It’s a trend that’s happening all over the world. Maybe you aren’t worried about stoppages because of your “safety net” that you believe keeps your print and mail in-plant business continuity (BC) in good standing.

What if that safety net is full of holes? Unfortunately, there’s a reasonable probability that it is. That’s why it’s time to reassess your in-plant business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

Traditional Disaster Recovery Approaches Aren’t Flexible or Practical

The industry has had a standard disaster recovery (DR) process in place for years that focuses on recovery rather than prevention. Unfortunately, this approach is greatly slanted to the vendors advantage, not yours. Here’s why.

Business Continuity Services

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Paying Up

Many companies never activate their DR options. It’s not because they don’t want to—especially now during the pandemic. It’s because it’s too expensive. Declaration fees are part of the traditional approach to DR. Activating the DR vendor requires declaration fees, annual subscription costs, and implementation expenses.

Accuracy and Compliance Could Be Compromised

Switching your BC or DR vendor “on” is also not automatic or seamless with the recovery approach. Typically, such a vendor would only do an annual test. Those test runs may or may not have your most up to data template. Accuracy and compliance could be in question, simply because they haven’t done a run for you in some time.

Moving operations to your vendor require significant effort and cost. This standard in the industry leaves companies open to huge expenses and risk. That makes it highly lucrative for them, and useless for you.

Risk and Expense Have Businesses Reassessing In-Plant Business Continuity Strategies

The business world is in a time of change. Your business is no different. You’ve learned that being nimble and flexible is helping you survive during COVID.

If there are ways to improve a process and reduce costs, you should jump at this opportunity. If your current in-plant DR strategy is similar to the “traditional,” it’s time to rethink it.

PCI has an alternative that delivers value and assurance for your mission-critical print and direct mail communications.

The PCI DR Solution

We decided to change the game when it comes to BC and DR. We believe the best DR/BC plan focuses on prevention rather than just recovery. No matter why you need to call on us to print and mail your materials, it’s pain-free. We don’t charge annual or declaration fees. Instead, we print a portion of your communications every month. You only pay for the actual work we do. Because we’re always running, there are no implementation fees to activate or additional testing. We have your latest templates, so you don’t have to worry about accuracy.

We also offer online, real-time account management. You can track production from the time of the data transfer to recipient delivery with trakPCI. This functionality is part of the solution, something you likely won’t receive with other vendors. Additionally, we leverage lean manufacturing to keep material costs down, have an accuracy rating of 99.9999%, and institute superior security protocols to maintain compliance and privacy.

Strengthen Your BC and DR In-Plant Protocol

There’s no reason to overpay for print and mail in-plant BC and DR. Transitioning to the PCI Group approach keeps costs low, accuracy increased, and compliance always top of mind. Download our Activ dR info sheet to check out the full comparison of our program versus traditional ones to view all the advantages.