PCI Group has established rigid protocols and surpassed industry compliance standards to protect our clients sensitive information.

Continuing the conversation on compliance in transactional direct mail on Ask the Experts, PCI President and Co-Founder Chris Kropac, discusses the current landscape. 

“In 50 years, the only constant is change. We’re proponents of not fighting technology but adapting to make sense for our clients,” Chris said.

In a digital world where data moves from network to network, falling behind on security updates and best practices can be a calamity for compliance. PCI Group remains vigilant around security, integrating stronger and better systems constantly. They also deploy this new technology across the platform. “If one client asks for a technology, we know all clients will need it eventually,” Chris noted. 

Chris also shared the story of a healthcare client that tested their infrastructure. Healthcare organizations have lots of compliance obligations and must be confident in the vendors they select. “They hired a firm to penetrate our systems and couldn’t. We didn’t know it at the time, but it’s why we got the contract.”

That’s one example of the commitment to security and compliance. Over the last few years, the organization increased security tenfold with more expensive and robust routers and other IT infrastructure investments. 

When a company puts its money and dedication into the security and compliance world, they have to be all in; it’s not an area where one can dabble. The necessity of protocols to handle and protect sensitive data is on an entirely different level than the requirements for a name and address. To excel at this type of mailing and have the confidence of clients sending sensitive data, we made an investment commitment to do the job right.