Why It Will Cost You

Business continuity plans aren’t an option, they are a necessity. If something happens to halt operations, you need to be up and running as quickly as possible. Most plans focus on critical core functions. Your step-by-step plan covers the details of how to quickly resume your most important operations. You got to this plan by analyzing your business processes and determining risk. Much time and work have gone toward a plan you believe to be disaster-proof. But did you remember everything?

What about printed and mailed customer communications? Although important to many areas of your business, print and mailings can be overlooked. You may need to focus so much time on recovering data or restoring power that you don’t make provisions to continue customer communication efforts. And that could be the biggest mistake you make in business continuity planning. Because those communications ensure that customers pay on time and you meet compliance obligations. This could seriously effect cash flow and endanger your compliance efforts.

Making Customer Communications Part of Business Continuity Is Easier than You Think

Including customer communications in your business continuity plan is just smart business. It’s all about finding the right partner to help you get back to production. Worry less about how you’ll design a redundant process to your in-plant by working with a customer communications provider. At PCI Group, we offer a full print and mail solution for business continuity. Here’s a look inside what partnering with us is like.


Business Disruption Prevention

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Protect, Sustain, Recover

Our multi-tiered approach includes all the necessary elements to protect, sustain and recover in the event of a disaster. We look at the effects of various emergency situations to minimize business disruption. Our two redundant locations mean you’ll avoid downtime.

Print, Fulfill and Mail

We have the capacity to print everything from invoices to explanation of benefits to checks. All communications go through our sophisticated systems ensuring each document ends up in the right envelope. Addresses are scrubbed via our PCI Scrub tool, ensuring accuracy. After postage, the letters are pre-sorted for bulk distribution.

Compliant Ready

Regardless of the regulations which you need to adhere, our systems keep data secure and actions compliant. Compliance is sometimes overlooked by business continuity vendors. But there’s no exception to following the rules, even in the face of business disruption.

No Delays

As you know, even the slightest delay could result in issues with cash flow. This problem then spills out to other areas of the business, each still trying to recover from being down. Remove this scenario from your risk analysis by selecting an industry-leading provider.

Our Unique Business Continuity Plan

You’re paying a premium every month to keep a vendor on call in case of emergency. You don’t get that money back just because no disasters occur. We don’t think it’s fair for you to pay for something you don’t use. That’s why we offer a unique disaster recovery plan.

This is how it works. Instead of paying a monthly fee, let us produce a percentage of your monthly print and mailing jobs. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of working with us and the peace of mind knowing that we are currently doing what you need us to do in the event you need us. This also includes access to trakPCI, a web-based business document tracking system. See how our system works and why we’re a great choice for business continuity. Get started by scheduling a demo with us today.