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Communications from the insurance industry are often time-sensitive and require confirmation of receipt. In such a highly regulated vertical, you can’t rely on an assumption of delivery. That’s why mail delivery verification is so crucial for insurance companies.

However, it’s tricky and complex with such a high volume of documents like invoices, clams, ID cards, policy or coverage communications, and more. Going it alone and scaling this across your enterprise requires a lot of labor and manual work. And that still doesn’t mean you can validate every piece. So, what can you do to ensure verification?

How Do You Currently Track?

Whether you have an in-plant or use a vendor, do you have a current tracking workflow? If it’s hard to answer the question, then it’s not a system that’s working for you. When considering what a mail delivery verification system should include, consider:

  • Costs: How much extra are you paying for verification now?
  • Transparency: Is the mailed document visible throughout its journey?
  • Accuracy: How reliable is the tracking system?
  • Accessible: Can you easily interact with the tracking system?

Ideally, you want to leverage a solution that reduces costs, documents the entire process, is always correct, and enables access. Is there a platform that can handle all this and ensure the integrity and compliance of mailings?

How PCI PinPoint Enables Mail Delivery Verification

If you’re ready to upgrade and simplify verification, then PCI PinPoint is the solution for you. It provides USPS mail tracking and delivery confirmation and much more. Here’s how it works.

It uses the USPS IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) system. It’s a 65-bar Postal Service barcode for sorting and tracking letters. Customers have access to this information with a dashboard in our trakPCI portal. It’s a web-based document tracking system. You can monitor the progress of each document, including delivery verification.

USPS Mail Tracking

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You can see where every piece of mail is in the USPS system, including the day and time of delivery. A historical record is available, as well. You can also see alerts about address changes, forwarding, and return mail.

It’s that easy and accessible. Our system delivers accurate information, so there’s no more guesswork when it comes to verification.

But why should the insurance industry care about verification?

mail delivery verification technologyWhy Mail Delivery Verification Matters for the Insurance Sector

Depending on the type of document, ensuring that it arrives on time is more than just good business—it’s compliance-related. Consider the regulated timeframe of advanced EOBs (explanation of benefits) to comply with the No Surprises Act, for example. Cancellations, renewals, and reinstatements may also require delivery within a certain period.

Outside of compliance, verification is also critical for invoices. Knowing that customers received it eliminates excuses that it was “lost in the mail.” Regularly checking how long these mailings take to reach areas can also be insightful when you compare it to payment trends. You may learn that you should send things sooner to ensure more on-time payments.

Any transactional mail items like these should include verification options. It’s the best way to protect your organization against claims of non-compliance or mis-mailings.

Getting Mail Delivery Verification Right with PCI Group

As a transactional printer, all our processes and procedures focus on compliance, security, and trackability. By using our portal, you have complete visibility over all your mailings that are accurate and complete. It’s one reason why so many insurance companies trust us. Learn more about our verification solutions today!