Accurate Printing Services

We take accurate printing services and mailing to a whole new level to protect your company’s reputation. When you hear a vendor boast that their accuracy rating is 99.6%, you may think to yourself, that seems pretty good. But when you take a closer look, 99.6% is just not good enough.

PCI’s accurate printing services and mailing rating of 99.9999% means that for every million pieces of mail we process, we have virtually eliminated all errors in our process. That’s why we say, compared to the other vendors in the industry, PCI is truly one in a million.

Accurate Printing Services with PCI’s LetterDNA

accurate printing servicesPCI Group developed LetterDNA as an “End-to-End Full Integrity MailSolution” utilizing 2D barcodes, USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and high speed cameras to track your letters during PCI production for accurate printing services and to USPS delivery to your consumers’ mailbox.

Print and Mail Compliance Standards

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