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Print and Mail Data Security To Protect Your Customers Digital Privacy

Businesses choose PCI Group because we have established rigid protocols and surpassed print industry standards to protect their sensitive information. The digital privacy measures we put in place to protect unauthorized access to computers, databases, and websites provides multi-faceted security as described below.

  • User Level Security provides data file security by user permissions enforced by centralized domain policies. Service Level Security (web, email, database, and other services) are audited and updated with the latest Service Packs.

  • Firewall Security and IPS Protection blocks malicious and/or unauthorized network attempts, The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) detects potentially harmful traffic to protect the network at the application layer

  • Data Transmission Security ensures the protection of data during transit. SFTP file transmission protocol is the recommended transmission method to ensure the protection of files and PGP encryption for files at rest. Other transmission methods are also available including dedicated T-1′s, private VPN, etc.

  • Physical Security features include: access-limiting key cards for every employee, door alarms, internal and external security cameras, a gated entryway and secure property perimeter

But we know that we need to stay vigilant, so we are always looking to advance our systems and​ processes to ​create ​a more secure operating environment for our customers.

Print and Mail Security & Compliance

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