As part of PCI Group’s ongoing commitment to quality, the company and its employees continue to invest in its LEAN manufacturing journey. Recently, the team completed a milestone by having every member of their team achieve Six Sigma-Green Belt certification or greater. Tim Lackey, PCI’s Director of Business Process, said, “in 2015 we transitioned from an inspection culture to a prevention culture when we began to audit our business and manufacturing processes. Since then, we have implemented over 190 Standard Works (operating procedures) and annually conduct over 100,000 quality audits to ensure the standards we have set, are being maintained.”

Cindy Grano, PCI’s Quality / Lean Operations Manager, said, “each year we set annual goals for the team. In 2020, we challenged each team member to attain at least a “green belt’ Six Sigma certification level.” To put this in perspective, as a new hire, team members are provided free white belt training, followed by a yellow belt training shortly after. Once they assimilate the knowledge they’ve been taught, they are approved for green belt training. Cindy said, “I’m excited to say that the team has fully embraced this and has already accomplished its 2020 goal.”

PCI’s Quality team has also cultivated two Six Sigma black belt trained employees through their homegrown program to implement LEAN Six Sigma. The Black Belts, one located at PCI’s Fort Mill, SC location and the other at their Irving, TX facility, have been instrumental in leading important projects for the company as well as assisting green belt team members on their projects.

As a result of their efforts and other improvements PCI has made in its business, the company was able to process over 3 billion images and mailed over 417 million packages in 2019 with a 99.9999% accuracy rate. Congratulations to the PCI Quality team for their ongoing commitment to continually spearheading improvements to PCI’s operations and playing a major role in keeping the company as an industry leader in transactional communications.

Fort Mill QA Team

Dallas QA Team