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PCI Group Hosts Canon Solutions America SPARC Program Students At Its Dallas Facility

SPARC PROGRAM STUDENTS STOP BY PCI GROUP AS PART OF CAREER-BUILDING PROGRAM As part of our strategic partnership with Canon Solutions America, PCI Group hosted enthusiastic students of Canon Solutions America’s Skilled Professionals at Rising Canon (SPARC) program on April 24. Following the launch of year three of the program in February and a [...]

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Transactional Print SLAs – What Technology Investments Are Necessary?

When you choose to outsource transactional print and mail, one of the most critical aspects of the deal is meeting your service-level agreements (SLAs). These types of letters must adhere to compliance and internal timelines. Failing to meet transactional print SLAs should be a sign to find a new vendor. It demonstrates that they [...]

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Honoring The Life and Legacy of Perry Fernandes

It is with profound sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our Senior Vice President, Perry Fernandes. Our hearts are heavy as we come together to remember and honor his life and contributions. Perry was not only a leader within our industry but also a cherished member of our PCI family. His presence brought [...]

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Secure Email Delivery for Transactional Communications

Many consumers want to simplify how they receive and remit invoices, statements, and bills. A survey on digital bill pay determined that 85% of people are using it. These communications fall under the category of transactional. That means they contain PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (protected health information). As a result, using email [...]

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Newsletter – PCI Group SFTP File Retention Policy Update

Dear Valued Customer, Following up on our previous communication in March 2021, this communication is a reminder that we purge files older than 30 days from your outbound folders. Please make sure your file directories are up to date to ensure you secure these files in your system. As a high-volume transactional mailer, maintaining adequate [...]

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SECURE IT – Transactional Mail Data Processing

In transactional print and mail, every workflow involving PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (protected health information) must be secure and compliant. The first step is the transfer of data from your records to your vendor’s system. When considering a company to outsource transactional print and mail, you need to know what safeguards are in [...]

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What Businesses Need to Know About 2024 USPS Postage Fees

Every year, the USPS updates its rates and typically increases them. The Postal Service recently introduced its new prices, which, upon approval, would be effective on January 21, 2024. USPS postage fees constitute a significant expense for companies that send transactional mail, and lowering what you pay is often out of reach due to a [...]

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PCI Group Awards 7 P.A.C.E. Scholarships Through its 2023 Leaders Scholarship Program

PCI Group, headquartered in Ft. Mill, SC today announced they have awarded a total of seven scholarships to students for the 2023-2024 school year as part of their PCI Group, PACE Leaders Scholarship program. The program is designed to grant scholarships to students who are dependents or affiliated with a current PCI Group employee [...]

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Important USPS Postage Updates for 2023

The United States Postal Service recently announced new prices for 2023 for market-dominant mail products. These USPS postage updates will be effective on January 23, 2023. The USPS Board of Governors has approved the changes. Some of the highlights include raising First Class Mail prices. Let’s break down all the new rates and their [...]

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Co-Owner and Executive Vice President, Skip Pawul, Retires After 40 Years

PCI announced today that Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of PCI Group, Inc. is retiring effective June 30, 2022. Skip is retiring exactly 40 years from when he started with PCI in 1982. Skip joined the company, previously known as Players Computer, Inc., after he resigned his commission with the United States Coast [...]

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