Dear Valued Customer,

Following up on our previous communication in March 2021, this communication is a reminder that we purge files older than 30 days from your outbound folders. Please make sure your file directories are up to date to ensure you secure these files in your system.

As a high-volume transactional mailer, maintaining adequate file storage space is critical to our file processing efficiency and supporting our customers in a timely manner. Our SFTP file transmission process is meant for; receiving files, sending files back, and 30-day, temporary file retention as you process your return files. These directories are not meant for long-term file retention.

Important Note: These SFTP files are a copy of the file. If a file is deleted and needs to be retrieved after the 30-day window, PCI maintains a backup of all files received and transmitted and may be retrieved upon request.

As always, thank you for continuing to entrust your mission-critical communications with PCI Group.

If you have any questions please contact Customer Service.