PCI Group takes document destruction seriously. Working in many regulated industries with personal information often on letters, we have a responsibility to safeguard that data during destruction. In this video, you’ll see our operations and see our industrial paper shredder, the WEIMA WLK 10, in action.

All paper that requires shredding goes to a secure area. That location is locked and only accessible by authorized employees.

The WEIMA WLK 10 is a single-shaft shredder that can process paper, plastic, and more. Such systems are configurable to meet the application. Our machinery uses a conveyor. We move the paper from the secured shred area to the WEIMA WLK 10. It works fast, shredding a high volume of paper in seconds.

After the paper goes through the shredder, only tiny pieces remain. It doesn’t just shred the paper into strips; rather, the output is much smaller, meaning it’s doubtful something could be reconstructed. All the paper waste ends up in a recycling container. Being eco-friendly and recycling natural materials is critical to our values.

With the right machinery and processes, we ensure document destruction is streamlined, compliant, and secure.