With the BlueCrest Epic inserter solution, print and mail companies can expand beyond the #10 envelope and be assured of integrity. PCI Group uses this equipment to ensure compliance since we work with transactional mail for regulated industries, which includes many compliance measures. Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations, shared how this inserting system provided new possibilities for customers.

“When we looked at the postal change that allowed for three and a half ounce mail could ship at the same rate as one-ounce mail, we knew our customers would want to take advantage of this,” Perry said.

Taking advantage of this meant the ability to use different envelopes, but this can be time-consuming for changeovers and complex. The BlueCrest Epic inserter, however, changed the game. “We could easily transition from number tens, and we’re doing more six-by-nines than ever before.”

The Epic inserting solution allowed us to be confident in integrity, while customers could change up mailings without additional costs.