For any business to succeed, they need strong partners. Having this kind of relationship elevates it from just a vendor. That’s how PCI Group feels about its BlueCrest (Pitney Bowes) partnership. President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac shared his thoughts on working with the company.

“It’s a partnership. It started as a vendor relationship and evolved,” Chris said. The interactions between BlueCrest (Pitney Bowes) and us grew as their technology capabilities did. Now, we’ve had the chance to work with their development and technology teams. We also have the technicians who install and maintain the equipment. “They know our workload and care about it. They want us to succeed.

Their desire to want their partners to do well isn’t just lip service. “If we’re not doing something right, they tell us to look at this and share best practices,” Chris noted.

Learning from other experts in the field and working toward common goals around quality, speed, accuracy, and integrity matters to our culture. We’re proud to have such an amazing partnership with BlueCrest (Pitney Bowes).