Ensuring compliance in print and mail can be challenging, especially at high volumes. PCI Group looks to technology and procedures to make it happen. In a discussion with York County CEO, President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac offered insights into how they work.

“We’re a technology company that can print and fold,” Chris explained. That statement doesn’t undercut the importance of the final product. Still, it requires advanced equipment and rigid parameter to produce at speed while maintaining compliance.

“We use Canon digital inkjet printers that print in four color on the fly. We use rolls of white paper, so it’s white paper in and customized through the printer. Next are the Pitney Bowes inserters that scan the barcodes on every piece of paper we print to verify it goes into the right package,” Chris said. 

This high level of scrutiny and accuracy is necessary. Breaches are a high possibility in the industries where they work, and failing on compliance has serious ramifications. “We care about security, both physical and data,” Chris added.

That commitment to compliance earned the company certification and/or compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, FISMA, SOCI & II, and PCI DSS. This dedication to meeting regulatory standards and best practices makes the company trusted in the industry.