The move of PCI Group from Long Island to Fort Mill offered many opportunities. It also included some initial staffing challenges. Whereas the industry was well-established up north, it wasn’t in the south. 

The President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac explained, “There were some staffing challenges. Coming from Long Island and the proximity to Manhattan, there was a robust mailing industry. In the Charlotte area, manufacturing was prevalent, but there wasn’t postal intelligence.”

To ensure new hires had the support to become successful, the company created PCI University. “We developed it ourselves as a way to introduce employees to the company, policies, and  job sheets. It also includes specialized learnings for specific roles,” Chris commented. 

This introductory period means that when employees begin work on the floor, they have a general understanding of what the business does. They also have dedicated trainers for the first two weeks. After that, they can earn certifications for either a main operator or system operator. 

Training and upskilling don’t stop there. “There are assessments, and if you’re error-free for three months, you earn a bonus. You can also take assessment tests on equipment. If you learn another piece of equipment, you’re more valuable. We empower employees to have control over their own raises,” Chris shared.

This proactive approach to taking hard-working local talent and enabling them to learn a new industry is a big part of the company’s success. Employee recognition is core to the company’s culture.