Announcing A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Postal Office Operations: Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

How Does IMB Help You?

  • Virtually Eliminates Return Mail
  • Forwards your New Moves at no additional cost
  • Produces electronic turnaround of updated new addresses without added postal charge
  • Track your mail: Outbound or Reply
  • Confirms when mail is delivered so you can synchronize outbound phone/letter activity
  • Receive notification when the debtor mails back the payment coupon. Allows you to suppress phone and mail activity
  • Cash-Flow Predictor – Improve Cash Flow forecasting through notification of payment coupons in the mail stream. Plan month end and inbound cash flow more efficiently


Cleaner Envelope Address Windows: When PCI processes your return mail, we currently must print a postal address endorsement called “Returned Service Requested” in the return address window. We also print a 2nd barcode in the return address window, as well as the PostNet barcode in the outgoing address window. With the new (IMB), we only have to print one barcode. This minimizes envelope clutter and eliminates barcodes for return mail and address endorsements (Change Service Requested).

Immediate Access to PCI PINPOINT: The latest innovation from PCI that provides you with the data to track mail electronically and give you advance notice about the processing and delivery of outbound mail going to your debtors, as well as incoming remittance (reply) mail.

Eligibility for Multiple Service Programs: The new single barcode includes eligibility for electronic Address Change Service (ACS) called OneCode ACS as well as the Confirm Program.

Adjust and Control Your Follow-up: The IMB gives you, the collection agency, an unprecedented ability to control, suppress and save money on your follow-up phone calls.

The Ultimate Tool to Maximize the Performance of Your Direct Mail Programs

Through PCI’s proprietary technology, PCI Pinpoint gives our clients access to zoom in exactly and precisely on where your communication is within the mail stream.

With PCI Pinpoint’s Destination feature, PCI monitors the actual scanning progress across each Postal Tracking point through delivery confirmation. No matter how many thousands of pieces are moving through your campaign, (up to a billion records) PCI Pinpoint gives you privileged access to the individual history for each and every mail piece in our  database file. This means you can seamlessly adjust your campaign cycle with precision accuracy. Using PCI’s File Update services, you can then apply PCI Pinpoint Destination intelligence to determine what to mail or not to mail next, by applying your own business rules.
And that’s not all! PCI Pinpoint’s Origin feature tells you where your money is. This powerful new product tracks every step of the remittance envelope along it’s return trip. With Pinpoint Origin, you now have the tool you need to project cash flow, monitor PO boxes, eliminate unnecessary collection calls as well as cut Call Center costs.
Pinpoint’s duel functionality provides unparalleled levels of tracking details. And with PCI, it’s all completely accessible to you via trakPCI.