Living in the Carolinas offers many advantages for its residents. In partnership with York County CEO, PCI Group President and Co-Owner shared his thoughts on why the south is a great place to live and work.

As a native New Yorker, Chris makes comparisons between that lifestyle and what the Carolinas offer in comparison. “What does the south have? Great weather to start with for most of the year. Never 20 feet of snow like in New York!”

Chris also appreciates the access to family-oriented entertainment at an affordable cost. “There’s entertainment, events, concerts, and family-friendly things to do. Most festivals have free admission.”

With Charlotte close by, those in the greater region have opportunities to experience big city activities and sports at a reasonable price. “We have the Knights, Hornets, and Panthers,” Chris added. 

Chris noted that he tells others the main reason to move to the south is the family-friendly options. With great weather, access to a major metro area, and a constant calendar of events, the possibilities for family-friendly fun are plentiful.