Pitney Bowes MPS (Mainstream Productivity Series) technology from Pitney Bowes enables PCI Group to track mail smarter and with greater detail. Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations, explained how the company uses it.

“MPS allows us to track the mail and the sheet all the way through the machine. We have the opportunity to go back and look at a quality issue. What MPS technology enables us to look at a sheet and envelope and how it traveled,” Perry said.

The Pitney Bowes MPS is a new generation of scalable, intelligent ultra-high-speed mail finishing systems. It enables flexibility, higher throughput, and integrity. It’s a closed-loop print reconciliation system that provides speed and accuracy without compromising either.

This capability is incredibly valuable if a breach occurred. “We can go back and look at that particular piece and know its story. It’s a perfect example of forensics,” Perry noted.

Having those abilities was extremely critical to PCI Group. If we ever have an issue with the customer, we can find out exactly what happened with MPS.