MRDF Printing Integrity in transactional mail isn’t optional. It’s the only way to do it, and even with high volume, there can be no compromises on this. To be confident that every letter enters the right envelope, PCI Group leverages MRDF printing (mail run data file) technology from Pitney Bowes to achieve this. President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac offers insights on this powerful functionality.

“MRDF printing technology is the index file that we feed to the inserter that comes from the print image file. It ensures you get every single sheet of paper into an envelope,” Chris explained.

The MRDF printing file delivers data about what the insertion equipment should expect and looks to match those up. “It’s a verifiable process, and if it doesn’t match up, it diverts the envelope right away,” Chris said.

MRDF Printing

mrdf printingWith this solution in place, it affords us the opportunity to be accurate and reliable. “Integrity’s what we do. We do 35 million pieces a month, around a million a day. One envelope can ruin your day. We trust the integrity of the equipment and think it’s the best integrity system on the market.”

MRDF Printing Integrity

That kind of confidence allows us to continue with high volumes at high speeds without compromising integrity. This commitment to integrity extends throughout our entire process, ensuring that every piece of mail is handled with care and precision. Our clients can trust that their mail is in good hands, delivering peace of mind and consistent results.

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